South Wind Golden's was founded in 1987. Since then, I have been breeding show quality Golden Retrievers
with great love and passion. I breed only Golden retrievers. And home only a few select Goldens, from Superior
Top Champion/Working American & European lineage. I am dedicated to breeding sound, quality, stunning
looking  Retrievers with stylish overall beauty, and stylish show ring appearance. I breed for high intelligence,
easy trainability, for loving, loyal family companions. Puppies that go onto making excellent therapy dogs,
which are used in Paws For People, Search & Rescue, & nursing home companions. Our puppies are out of
direct Champions, or pedigree which consist of solid Champion and Working titles within the US, and around
the world. Bloodlines not easily found in the US.

Breedings are carefully planned, limited to 1 to 2 litters per year.
I do not breed for volume. I blend only the best
non related pedigree combinations, which produce offspring that have excellent overall genetic health.
Puppies with gentle, intelligent dispositions, making excellent companions with children, and other family pets.
I breed for big, beautiful sculptured head, full flowing coat, heavy feathering, and heavy bone.

I have worked with the stunning European lines for over 16 years. I began researching the European bloodlines
in 1997, when my husband gave me the book "The Ultimate Golden Retriever", by Valerie Foss, for Christmas.
Upon much extensive research, it was clear that the European lines were very well bred, with excellent
combination of "non related" pedigrees. They carry impressive high health score testing against
Congenital/Hereditary issues. I then chose to import my first European Golden from a top show kennel in
Canada. Then further extended countries, including Belgium, France, Sweden, and Hungary. And have focused
on breeding, owning, the highest superior quality European show/working bloodlines to carry on in the US. So
that I am able to offer top quality, sound, overall stunning puppies for your next loving, loyal companion.  

Puppies are placed on a "
Non breeding" AKC registration as family pet/companion, and is required to be
spayed/neutered by the age of 1 yr old. A spay/neuter agreement is required at purchase.

I am happy to assist you with many years of references by our extended Golden families. Please also feel free to
visit the Testimonial pages. I welcome any questions you may have while in search for your perfect
Golden baby family member. As well as creating a new friendship along the way. Please enjoy your visit !  
Surpassing In Quality